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*Prices reflect a 5% price discount for orders placed before 10/31/2020
*Orders placed after 10/31/2020 will have 5% added to the price.
*Minimum order:  8 trays per delivery date; per grower
               *Minimum of 30 trays per drop for HORTMARK truck delivery to growers location if they are
                 on the regular delivery route at a charge of $85.00 for 50 or less trays.
                Orders with 51 trays or more will be charged $.05 per plant for delivery
               *Orders under 30 trays should be picked up at HORTMARK within 48 hours of notification that the order has arrived.
               *Special arrangements may be made prior to shipment for orders under 30 trays to be delivered by the HORTMARK truck.
                 A delivery charge will be applicable based on the number of trays and miles.
If truck delivery, by signing for the order you are stating that the product is of satisfactory quality.  Full credit will only be given
for material that is rejected at the time of delivery and returned to Hortmark on that truck.  any credits requested after that time must be validated and will only be made for a portion of the plant material lost.

Hormark, 302 S. Main St., Capac, MI 48014
800-482-4800 within Michigan
810-395-2075 Local calls or outside Michigan
Fax: 810-395-7985

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